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Who We Are

Welcome to G\\LO, where we believe that when you look good, your confidence follows.

We set out to disrupt the clothing brand industry when most brands out there today are product - driven brands. Our brands mission is to be a purpose-driven brand designed to elevate ones' self-image by supplying you with clothes that level up your identity. We understand that what you wear can have a profound impact on how you see yourself, and we're here to help you make the most of your wardrobe. 

At G\\LO, we believe that your self-image, the mental picture that you have of yourself and what other people have of you, is the main driver of every behavior in your life. And if you can allow us to take on one part of that, the clothes you wear, we know we can help you get that much closer to being in alignment with the version of yourself you were put on this earth to be. 

We’re talking about that version of yourself that is shredded, that walks, talks and acts like you're already where you want to be, that has thriving relationships, that’s growing in their own faith, that doesn’t accept an income that is below them. 

If you can’t dress like the version of yourself you’re meant to be, how can you have the confidence to do any of the bigger things? Give us the clothing game, and we’ll help you win in the life game. It’s that simple, we’ve got you covered. 

-Mike Giannico, Founder G\\LO