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Top 5 Reasons How a Better Appearance Can Boost Your Self Confidence

Top 5 Reasons How a Better Appearance Can Boost Your Self Confidence - G \\ LO

Your appearance is one of the first things that people notice about you. But does it matter what you wear? According to many experts, it turns out that, yes, it does matter a lot. 

A better appearance can boost self-confidence in many ways. Here we will discuss some of these ways to improve your self-esteem.

What Does "Dressing Well" Mean?

The definition of "dressing well" is different for everyone, but some general guidelines apply to most people. 

Dressing well means wearing clothes that make you feel good, confident, and attractive. The more often you can wear clothes like this, the better your self-esteem will be.

Top Reasons How a Better Appearance Can Boost Your Self Confidence

1. Clothes Can Help You Focus

Do you know the feeling when you dress up, put on a great outfit, and feel like the best version of yourself? With COVID-19, many of us were working from home, wearing pajamas. Wearing pajamas while working sends your brain a message that it's time to sleep or unwind. Not the message you are trying to send when you want to attack the day and be productive. Now, if you can change into a nice outfit, what your brain sees and how you want to feel are in alignment. The feeling lasts as long as you wear those clothes.

2. Clothes Can Make You Feel Powerful

Good clothing makes you feel capable, confident, and attractive.

And when you feel more powerful or competent in other areas of your life—at work, in your relationships—it's easier to project those qualities outwardly into the world. 

You might even experience a boost in confidence and competence from that one change alone.

3. It brings you closer to the version of yourself you want to become

If you want more confidence in your life, you must dress as a confident person would. Ask yourself the question: How would the best version of me dress? How would they walk? How would they talk? How would they act? What would their physiology be? Dressing well is something that is within our reach that we can control. As our founder, Mike Giannico, says, "how a person dresses is the cheat sheet to knowing how they feel about themselves on the inside." 

4. It is a self-fulling prophecy   

When you dress well, it is something that others can externally see. When others can see something especially right away, like your appearance from your clothing choice, others will complement you. Before others compliment you, you are already feeling good about yourself because of how you are dressed. You have a taste of confidence. But, when others compliment you, it RECONFIRMS the thoughts you have of yourself when you look in the mirror, and now you have just increased your self-image. This is the new level at which you expect yourself to be. You have internally changed how YOU see YOU and are now playing the game of life at this higher level.

5. Other people take you more seriously 

The first thing people see when interacting with them is your appearance. Before you even open your mouth, people judge you whether you like it or not. If you dress well in an interview, people are more inclined to buy from you, hire you, listen to you, and be attracted to you. As a result, more money, landing higher paying jobs, attracting more people into your life - the possibilities are endless. Dressing well may not the be the only way to obtain these things; but it gives you a head start in your interactions instead of starting from behind. 


If you're concerned about how clothes affect your self-confidence, try looking at it this way. You don't like to be judged on the quality of your clothes when you go out. 

But if you make an effort with what you wear daily, it will lead to better interactions with other people leading to better results for yourself externally and internally.  

Start with the right clothing. If you are a confident person that is looking for clothes that align with your identity, or even someone looking for clothes to elevate the image you have of yourself, consider checking out G\\LO. We always provide the best and latest designs. The hats they just launched are fresh and will amplify your image anywhere from a night out to dropping birdies out on the links. 

Keep reading our blog for tips on self-confidence to start matching a strong identity with the clothes you wear.